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Negotiations have always been a challenging process, where values are created, won, and lost. However, the landscape of negotiations is rapidly changing, and a new player has joined the negotiation table - Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technological advancement is presenting both challenges and opportunities for executives who need to adapt and thrive in this new reality.

 What we will cover:

understanding AI in negotiations

Challenges of AI in negotiations

Opportunities of AI in negotiations

Strategies for negotiating with AI

How important is the negotiation

Impact of AI and negotiations in different industries

Use of ChatGPT in negotiations


The future of negotiations

Discover who will emerge as the better negotiator of the future - humans or AI.

Don't miss this chance to embrace the future and master the science of AI-enhanced negotiation today!

1. The basics of negotiation: Reviewing the fundamental principles of negotiation, such as identifying interests, setting goals, and building rapport. These principles will serve as a foundation for understanding how AI is changing the negotiation game.

2. AI and negotiation: Ways in which AI is transforming the negotiation process. This could include discussions of how AI can be used to analyze data, generate insights, and automate routine tasks. The potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI in negotiations.

3. Building trust in AI: One potential challenge of using AI in negotiations is that it can be difficult to build trust with an algorithm. Strategies for building trust with AI, such as using transparent algorithms, allowing negotiators to interact with the AI, and providing clear explanations for how the AI is making decisions.

4. The role of humans in AI-assisted negotiation: Despite the many benefits of AI, is it possible that humans will be completely replaced in the negotiation process anytime soon. Let’s explore how humans can best work with AI, such as by using AI-generated insights to inform their own negotiations, or by collaborating with AI to achieve shared goals. 5. Ethical considerations of using AI in negotiations. This could include discussions of issues such as bias in AI algorithms, the potential for AI to manipulate negotiations, and the responsibility of negotiators to use AI in ways that are fair and transparent. 


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